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Next issue of Ancestors West call for articles; deadline is August 1, 2020
Theme: Surprises!
What was the ONE biggest surprise you discovered while doing your genealogy?  I know I’ve had dozens. My first years in genealogy were spent putting names on a chart.  It was not until later I began reconstructing my ancestor’s actual lives.  We never know when we go poking about what we will find.

Colorful characters are fun to discover; scoundrels are not. I’ve got a few of those and I was gob smacked when I found I had slave owners in my family. The hardest part of this issue will be for you to choose just one surprise.  It can be about one person, one family, one family story.  Perhaps your DNA disproved the family belief that your great-great grandmother was NOT a Cherokee Princess.  Sometimes surprises come by unearthing something the family was trying to hide.  Surprises can be good…or not so good.

If you do not have any surprises to share,  please remember that any other stories you would like to submit will be accepted too.

Submit your story to me at by August 1, 2020, following these guidelines:

  1. Your story should be between 200 and 2,500 words and submitted as a Word document
  2. Any photos or visuals you would like to submit should be high-resolution jpegs sent as an attachment.  These should be annotated.
  3. Please attach a short biography of yourself (a paragraph or two).  You may want to include your profession, how you got interested in genealogy, any interesting tidbits about yourself.  Also attach a photo of yourself to go along with your bio.  We really want members to get to know each other and this is a perfect way.

We all think this will be a fun issue, so start writing your stories now.

The deadline for your submission – from 500 to 3,000 words - is August 1, 2020.
Send to:  Kristin Ingalls at          
Photos should be Jpegs at high resolutions
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