Treasures Looking for New Homes

Members have found these treasures in antique shops, yard sales, thrift stores and in unusual places like dumpsters and trash cans. In an effort to preserve these items for future generations, they are donating them to the Sahyun Library so that we can find a home for these orphans. This is yet another way you can volunteer for the society in helping to find these treasures a home.
If you have found treasures and would like us to find homes for them, please deliver them to the Sahyun Library addressed to Dorothy or Mary for inclusion on this page.  Thanks!
Schmirl Immigration Documents
Canadian Passport
These documents were delivered to the Society's Sahyun Library by  the administrator of Mrs. Schmirl's estate.  No relatives had been located to receive the documents.
More treasures are on these following pages: (links to new pages and scans to be added)
  • Outland Bible pages with births, marriages and deaths.Edmund Outland born 1814.
  • Honor Roll Certificate framed  issued to Owen W. Hale of Marietta, Ohio 1917
  • Photo of infant. Wm McCullough written on reverse. Hyde photographer, San Jose, CA
  • Notebook "Memoranda."  Genealogy of the Byam family. "George Byam born in England, died May 20, 1680" is the earliest listing of births, marriages and deaths. Locations mentioned are Rome, NY; Scituate, MA; VT; Coburg, Ontario; Webster City, Iowa.
  • Kindness and Longfellow Bible. Broken Bow, Nebraska. Lists marriages, births and deaths. Names include Weesner, Kimes and Philipsen.
  • Civil War letter written by "Bebb" to his dear "Lib." Writes about Edward Micha of 32 Ohio Infantry and death of Laura Teegarden of Sugar Creek, Georgia (learned from online research).